Wingspan: 14.75 in
Overall length: 15.25 in
AUW: 15g (0.5 oz)

Parkzone Vapor


The Vapor is an ultra-lightweight 3-channel (rudder/elevator/throttle) indoor RTF (ready-to-fly) airplane sold by Parkzone. It weighs only half an ounce and can fly at a walking pace, so it can be flown in a room only fifteen feet square. It can be flown outdoors, but only in a flat calm.

Vapor flight video

The Vapor uses a single-cell 3.7V 70mAh lithium-polymer battery, which provides around 15 minutes of flying time. Battery and charger are included, and spare batteries cost only $9.

The Vapor is sold ready-to-fly, but it is not a toy; it uses hobby-grade parts, and spare parts are available.

Here is a short video of an outdoor flight in a light breeze, and here is an even shorter video of an indoor flight.

Vapor Vapor Vapor rx/servo brick Vapor motor/gearbox assembly Vapor battery