Rotor span: 14.5 in
AUW: 6–6-1/2 oz
Rotor area: 330 in2
Disc loading: 2–3 oz/ft2

Al Foot's Twirl

Twirl in flight

The Twirl is a 3-channel dual-rotor autogyro designed by Al Foot and kitted by LightFlite. It is constructed of 3mm Depron foam and carbon fiber rod.

I finished the Twirl on 2008-11-14. Its maiden flight was indoors on 2008-11-22; its first outdoor flight was on 2008-12-08.

The Twirl is very easy to fly, and can perform all the same manuevers (such as loops) as any other 3-channel airplane. However, unlike fixed-wing aircraft, it can land vertically.

Short flyby

This Twirl uses the following gear:

All-up weight (AUW) is 6.1 oz, giving a rotor disc loading of 2.66 oz/ft2.

Twirl in flight Twirl in flight Twirl electronics Twirl Twirl Twirl
Twirl maiden flight
Twirl first outdoor flight