Wingspan: 996cm (39.3 in)
Wing area: 186 sq in
Length: 28.3 in
AUW: 130g (4.58 oz)
Wing loading: 3.55 oz/sq ft
Airfoil: AG03

Topsky Mini

Mini on kitchen counter w/tx

The TopSky Mini is a 2-channel, one-meter wingspan discus-launch glider manufactured by Top Soaring. It has a conventional bagged wing with carbon-cloth leading edge, a molded fiberglass pod, a carbon fiber boom, and balsa tailfeathers. This is a very light airplane; as built, my Mini weighs one gram less than my Android smartphone.

I purchased the Mini kit from Scott Seidler (The MONSTR Shop) in September of 2010, and built it in March 2011.

The flight gear is a pair of 4.7g generic servos, a Spektrum AR6110 2.4GHz receiver, a 7.4V 250mAh lithium-polymer battery, and a voltage regulator designed and manufactured by Paul Daniels. Flight control surfaces are operated by a pull-spring arrangement; the springs are 0.015" music wire, and the 'pullrods' are 0.020" music wire. The balsa tailfeathers were colored with a red Sharpie, laminated with carbon fiber for stiffness, and lightly sprayed with lacquer for waterproofing.

The Mini launches reasonably high (60 feet or so), and performs well for such a light glider. With its low wing loading, it climbs in the lightest thermals (for example, over an asphalt parking lot in the early evening). It is not an airplane to fly on a windy day; because it is so light, once it is downwind, it will stay there.

Professionally packed Mini Tailfeathers reinforced with carbon fiber 126g (without pullrods and throwing peg) Servos, rx, 7.4V 250mAh LiPo, and voltage regulator Cramped little pod Elevator linkage Rudder linkage 129g (without throwing peg) CG 56mm aft of leading edge Mini and tx in yard Throwing peg w/carbon reinforcement