Topaz XXL
Wingspan: 3.5m (138 in)
Length: 60 in
AUW: 52.8 oz
Wing area: 1360 sq in
Wing loading: 5.6 oz/sq ft
Airfoil: AG25/AG27

Topaz XXL

Topaz in flight

The Topaz is a full-house 3.5m sailplane manufactured in the Ukraine by Victor Isayendo of Impres LTD. Its wing and tail structure consists of a carbon-fiber spar, carbon-capped balsa ribs, and a carbon/Kevlar D-box. The pod is carbon/Kevlar.

First launch of the Topaz

I purchased this Topaz used, in excellent condition, in August of 2011. Six JR digital servos were already installed. I installed a 9-channel Spektrum AR9300 receiver and a new 2000 mAh NiMH battery pack.

The maiden flight was on 23 October 2011. The airplane launched high and straight, flew majestically, and looked beautiful in the air. It turns very tightly, and its low wing loading gives it outstanding thermal performance. Fun!

A boy and his Topaz Topaz in flight Steep bank Looks bigger indoors Landing on the tape Safe landing