Taboo GT
Wingspan: 1.5m (59.1 in)
Wing area: approx 316 in2
AUW: 9–9-1/2 oz
Wing loading: approx 4.2 oz/ft2

Taboo GT

Taboo GT in flight with moon

The Taboo GT, produced by Oleg Golovidov, is a 4-channel competition discus-launched glider (DLG). I bought the Taboo as a second competition airplane after having a great time flying my SideWinder II at the 2008 Polecat Challenge in mid-June 2008.

Taboo GT
Short flyby
Taboo GT, SideWinder II, Gambler-AG, and Inkie

I ordered the Taboo in mid-July 2008 and received it in mid-October. Construction started on 2009-03-16.

Equipment used:

All-up weight (AUW) is 9.2 oz, giving a wing loading of 4.2 oz/ft2. Up to 3 ounces of additional ballast can be added to increase penetration in windy conditions.

Build log

Total construction time was around 22 hours, as detailed below:

2009-03-16: Rout out servo bays to match D47 servos. (1.5 hours)

2009-03-17: Prepare hardpoint cavities in wing roots. Join wing halves together with epoxy filled with microballoons and carbon fiber. (3 hours)

2009-04-05: Cut out and sand bulkhead. (1 hour)

2009-04-07: Drill holes and cut slots in bulkhead. Shape wing-mounting pins. Mark wing, fit pins. Glue bulkhead into fuselage. (2 hours)

2009-04-08: Epoxy wing mounting pins into wing. (0.5 hours)

2009-04-11: Build wiring harness for aileron servos. Test servos. (2 hours)

2009-04-12: Install aileron servos into wing. Add pushrods. Sand tailfeathers to shape, including hinge bevels. (2 hours)

2009-04-14: Mount fin to boom. Reinforce joint with fiberglass & epoxy. Hinge elevator and rudder with Blenderm tape. (2.5 hours)

2009-04-18: Epoxy rudder & elevator servos into pod. Cut rudder control horn to size, attach to rudder. Set up rudder pushrod linkage. (1.5 hours)

2009-04-19: Fabricate 'ramp' for rudder pushrod. Reinforce bottom edges of fin and rudder. Cut elevator control horn to size, attach to elevator. Set up elevator pushrod linkage. Cut and sand canopy to fit. Preliminary weight: 233g + 7g for PLD-BAC-004 = 240g = 8.45oz. (2 hours)

2009-04-20: Add switchjack in canopy. Route wires. Balance, and add 14g (0.5 oz) of nose weight. (2 hours)

2009-06-11: Face ailerons with 3/4-oz fiberglass for stiffness. (2 hours)