Spirit 2m
Wingspan: 78.5 in
Length: 39 in
Wing area: 676 sq in
AUW: 34.7 oz
Wing loading: 7 oz/sq ft

Great Planes Spirit 2m

Great Planes Spirit 2-meter

The Spirit is a 2-meter wingspan, 3-channel RES (rudder-elevator-spoiler), almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) sailplane available from Tower Hobbies.

Great Planes Spirit 2-meter

This Spirit was built stock, with a Hitec Electron 6 receiver, three TowerPro standard servos, and a 400mAh NiMH battery pack. It weighs 34.7 ounces.

Actually, the airplane pictured above is my second Spirit—the first one was destroyed in a launching 'accident'. The Spirit has a plain balsa wing spar; it is designed for the gentle stresses of a hi-start (bungee) launch, rather than the high loads of a winch launch. Here's what happens when you try a full-pedal winch launch of a Spirit on a windy day:

Spirit crash damage Spirit crash damage Spirit crash damage Spirit crash damage