ParkZone Radian
Wingspan: 78.74 in (2m)
Wing area: 632 sq in
AUW: 30 oz
Wing loading: 6.6 oz/sq ft
Length: 44.7 in

ParkZone Radian

Radian in flight

The Radian is a 3-channel 2-meter electric-launch sailplane from ParkZone. It has a brushless motor and a folding prop, so it does not need a winch or hi-start for launching. It is inexpensive and easy to fly, so it is a great soaring trainer. It also thermals extremely well, so it is still fun for the experienced pilot.

Launching the Radian
Flying the Radian

The Radian launches easily and climbs fast. The stock 1300mAh battery will provide at least ten climbouts to over 600 feet. Because the Radian is so good at indicating lift and staying in thermals, those ten climbouts can easily translate into several hours of flying on a single battery charge.

The RTF (ready-to-fly) version of the Radian comes completely assembled, including a 2.4GHz Spektrum DX5e transmitter, 2.4GHz Spektrum receiver, 480-size brushless motor, folding prop, brushless speed control, transmitter batteries, 1300mAh 3-cell lithium-polymer flight battery, and a balancing car charger for the flight battery.

The Radian is very portable. Loosen one thumbscrew, remove the horizontal stabilizer, remove the wings, and the entire airplane, along with its transmitter and battery charger, fits back into its original box. (It's a long box, but it's only one box.)

The Radian's only shortcoming is its visibility. Except for a few stickers, its entire surface is dull-white foam, which is almost impossible to see against a hazy or cloudy sky. The small dark-blue stickers on the bottoms of the wingtips are not big enough to make the airplane visible at altitude. I painted the bottoms of my wings red, and added a short length of sparkle tape on each leading edge, to improve visibility.

Here are some pictures:

Radian on bench At the flight line Painted wings Close pass! Radian in flight