Pulsar 3.2E
Wingspan: 3.2m (126 in)
AUW: 50.9 oz
Wing area: 1080 sq in
Wing loading: 6.8 oz/sq ft
Airfoil: AG25

Pulsar 3.2E

Blue sky

The Pulsar is 3.2m RES (rudder/elevator/spoiler) electric sailplane manufactured in the Ukraine for Esprit Models. Its wing and tail structure consists of a carbon-fiber spar, carbon-capped balsa ribs, and a carbon/Kevlar D-box. The boom is carbon fiber, and the pod is carbon/Kevlar.

Pulsar and owner, 2012-10-30

I purchased this Pulsar used, in essentially new condition, in October 2012. A brushless motor, carbon fiber folding prop, aluminum spinner, ESC, battery, and three servos were already installed. I installed a 9-channel Spektrum AR9300 receiver.

With its ultra-lightweight construction, the Pulsar floats well, and the polyhedral wing and large rudder make thermal turns effortless. It climbs quickly under power, and the spoiler is very effective. Best of all, the translucent red wing and tail look gorgeous against a blue sky.

Launch action! Blue sky Autumn leaves and Pulsar Pulsar and birdhouse Pulsar tail, with transmitter for scale Pulsar and Vibe