Pico Stick
Wingspan: 38.8 in
Wing area: 236.8 in sq
Length: 26.2 in
AUW: 6.53–7.05 oz
Wing loading: 4 oz/sq ft

GWS Pico Stick

Stick, Sharon, & Inkie

The GWS Pico Stick is a 3-channel slowflyer RC airplane. It's a smaller version of GWS's popular Slow Stick. The stock Pico Stick comes with a brushed, geared GWS drive system. This Pico Stick uses a direct drive 20-turn Westport CD-ROM brushless outrunner motor, which is both lighter and more powerful than the stock brushed power system.

The Slow Stick and Pico Stick are simple, inexpensive airplanes. The standard Pico Stick kit, including brushed motor and gearbox, costs less than $30, and takes only an hour or two to build.

Pico Stick

A complete kit for the upgraded Pico Stick, including servos, battery, wing reinforcements, and 20-turn Westport motor, is available from Model Airplane Engineering.

Equipment used:

All-up weight (AUW) is 7.16 ounces. With reasonable throttle management, flight time on a battery charge is over 20 minutes.

Here are a couple of short flight videos: video 1 (2.5Mb WMV) and video 2 (3.1Mb WMV).


Aerial photography

The Pico Stick is too light to be a good platform for aerial photography (AP). However, with the brushless motor, it can lift a small camera. Here are aerial videos of Arundel (8.5Mb WMV) and the Newark reservoir (8.4Mb WMV). Both videos were taken with a 5-in-1 eDVR.

The 5-in-1 eDVR is a combination still camera, video camera, sound recorder, USB drive, and Webcam. It weighs about 21g (0.7 oz). These videos were taken with the old version of the 5-in-1, which has 64Mb of memory and shoots just under 3 minutes of low-resolution video. The latest version has 128Mb of memory, costs $90, and can shoot about 6 minutes of video.


Pico Stick on ground Pico Stick in flight Pico Stick Pico Stick & Sharon Pico Stick in flight Pico Stick in flight Pico Stick in flight