Wingspan: 16.5 in
Length: 19.5 in
Wing area: 233 sq in
AUW: 5.0 oz
Wing loading: 3 oz/sq ft



The "Nutball" is a 3-channel RET (rudder, elevator, throttle) foam airplane designed by Goldguy.

This Nutball was cut and assembled from 6mm EPP foam using the good old TLAR (That Looks About Right) method. Total build time was under four hours, including about an hour waiting for glue to dry.

Nutball flyby

The wing is fabricated from a single 18" circle of 6mm EPP. The dihedral bends in the wing, and the elevator and rudder hinges, were simply melted out with a soldering iron. The whole structure is glued with Uhu Creativ adhesive. The electronics are attached with Velcro. The motor mount is a "Magic Motor Mount" from Lightfite. There is no reinforcement of any kind in the airframe.

As built, this Nutball flies well but has a few issues. The fin and rudder are too short, so the rudder is blanketed by the wing and loses effectiveness at high angles of attack. The fuselage is too floppy and warps easily, and should be reinforced with some carbon or bamboo rod. And the landing skids should be replaced by wheels (I didn't feel like cutting out foam circles of the right size).

Even with these shortcomings, this Nutball is a hoot to fly. The next version will fly even better.

Flight gear is:

Here is a short video from the first flight session on 2009-02-07.

Nutball Nutball Nutball Nutball Nutball Nutball