Wingspan: 20 in
Wing area: 55 sq in
Length: 12.5 in
AUW: 23g
Wing loading: 2.1 oz/sq ft

Stevens AeroModel LiddleBug


The LiddleBug v2.4 is a 3-channel indoor airplane available from Stevens AeroModel. This tiny airplane, which weighs just over eight-tenths of an ounce, is designed around the 2.4GHz all-in-one 'brick' and motor/gearbox from the ParkZone Vapor.

The LiddleBug is a scaled down version of Stevens Aero's popular DiddleBug, and retains all of the charming features—wheel pants, elliptical planform, wing pylon, and fake glow engine—of its larger sibling. At only 3 oz flying weight, the DiddleBug was already pretty small, but the diminutive LiddleBug is one-fourth its weight and half its wing loading.

I started building the LiddleBug on a Sunday (2010-01-03) and finished it the following Saturday. Total build time was around six hours. It is covered with transparent Solite.

The LiddleBug has passed its taxi tests (on the kitchen floor) and is awaiting a test flight.

LiddleBug LiddleBug LiddleBug LiddleBug and DiddleBug LiddleBug and DiddleBug LiddleBug guts