Wingspan: 29-1/2 in
Length: 27 in
Wing area: 252 sq in
AUW: 5.9 oz
Wing loading: 3.37 oz/sq ft

Stevens AeroModel Gym-E

Gym-E in flight

The Gym-E is a lightweight V-tailed 3-channel indoor/backyard flier, designed by Todd Long and kitted by Stevens AeroModel. It is a slow, predictable, and relaxing flier, perfect for touch-and-gos and tree slaloms out in the cul de sac in the still evening air.

Gym-E flyby

The Gym-E took about eight hours to build, of which four hours were spent covering. The covering is transparent Solite. The flight gear is:

The all-up weight of the completed model is 5.8 oz, including 0.25 oz of lead weight in the tail for balance, giving it a wing loading of 3.31 oz/ft2. With this setup, the Gym-E can cruise around at half-throttle for about 25 minutes on a charge.

I started building the Gym-E on 2008-12-28 and finished it on 2009-01-02. Its first flight was in a very small gym on 2009-01-03.

Some pictures:

Gym-E in flight Gym-E in flight Gym-E in flight in gym Gym-E indoor flight Aft wing mount Forward wing mount Fuselage Tailfeathers Starting the wing center section Wing center sheeting Right wingtip framing Attaching right wingtip Attaching left wingtip Tailfeathers covered and beveled Attaching the tailfeathers Attaching the tailfeathers All covered surfaces Aligning the tailfeathers Almost completed... Servos mounted Lead weight and tailskid