Wingspan: 36 in
Length: 22.6 in
Wing area: 232 sq in
AUW: 12 oz
Wing loading: 7.4 oz/sq ft

Mountain Models EZ-Cub


The EZ-Cub is a four-channel parkflyer from Mountain Models. It has a laser-cut balsa and plywood fuselage and foam-and-balsa wings, and a new (patent pending) wing attachment mechanism.

The EZ-Cub was designed to be built very quickly; the designer, Brian Eberwein, claims that it can be built in as little three hours. He is right; this airplane took between three and four hours to build, plus maybe another hour of electronics installation. Unfortunately, the quoted time doesn't include covering. I didn't want a bare wood & foam airplane, so I covered it with yellow Solite and black Solartrim. This took another four hours or so.


All-up weight of the completed model is 11.8 oz. The flight gear is:

First flight was 2008-03-06, with a successful landing after one circuit of the field. While taxiing for another takeoff, the airplane nosed over and the propeller struck the ground, snapping the prop shaft. Inspection of the shaft showed an obvious defect. Ordered a couple of replacement shafts. After replacing the prop shaft, second flight was on 2008-04-03.

EZ-Cub flying

The airplane is fun to fly in winds up to 10 mph. With an 8x4 prop, it can loop repeatedly from level flight and is mildly aerobatic. It cruises at less than half throttle, and flight duration with the 1500mAh battery is around 30 minutes. A 9x5 prop, which will probably give more thrust, will be tested soon.

A couple of flight videos are here and here.

The airplane floats well and landings are easy, but the tires are so small that a tuft of grass can cause the airplane to nose over. The landing gear is removable, so the plane can be hand-launched and belly-landed, but it just doesn't look right without the wheels.

Some pictures:

EZ-Cub top view EZ-Cub side view EZ-Cub on bench, no wing EZ-Cub naked fuselage EZ-Cub frame workshop