Wingspan: 2m (78.7in)
Length: 51.5 in
AUW: 38 oz
Wing area: 575 sq in
Wing loading: 9.5 oz/sq ft

NSP Enigma

Enigma in flight

The Enigma is a molded 2-meter full-house sailplane which was sold by Northeast Sailplanes sometime between 2003 and 2006. I purchased this Enigma used in the summer of 2009, with six servos already installed. I installed a 2.4GHz Spektrum AR6255 receiver and a 2000 mAh NiMH battery pack.


As one might expect from its high wing loading, the Enigma flies very fast. It thermals well for a 2-meter moldie.

One nice feature of this airplane is its portability: the V-tails and wings are easy to remove, and the whole airframe fits in a shallow cardboard box about 42 inches long.

Enigma Enigma Enigma Enigma Enigma Enigma