Wingspan: 50 in
Wing area: 334 sq in
Length: 29.5 in
AUW: 7.5 oz
Wing loading: 3.2 oz/sq ft

Mountain Models DuskStik

DuskStik in flight

The DuskStik is a 3-channel slowflyer available from Mountain Models. I purchased the DuskStik because I was looking for a relaxing airplane to fly in the cul de sac in front of my house. It turns out to be perfect for that role.

DuskStik & Sharon

The DuskStik has a conventional balsa wing and tailfeathers and a carbon-fiber tube fuselage. It can be built with a choice of two wing configurations (dihedral or polydihedral) and two wing lengths (short (42") or extended (50")). This airplane was built with the extended polydihedral wing. All-up weight (AUW) is 7.5 ounces.

I started building this DuskStik on a Tuesday (2007-10-09) and finished it that Sunday. The DuskStik is easy to build, and would be a perfect first airplane for someone who has never built a balsa airplane before. Total build time was around eight hours, including about four hours of covering. The covering is transparent Solite.

DuskStik on driveway

First flight was the following Tuesday (2007-10-16). The airplane flew perfectly right off the board. It turns quickly, handles well, and, with the 50" wing, glides forever. Because it's so light, the DuskStik doesn't fly well in wind. However, I'm sure it will thermal, if I can ever find a time when the sun is shining but the wind isn't blowing.


Here is a short low-resolution flight video (7Mb, WMV). (The other airplane visible in the video is a Pico Stick.)

Because it will be flown around sunset, the DuskStik is a perfect candidate for LED lighting. I plan to stick a couple of red/green running lights on the wingtips, and mount a remotely-controllable high-intensity LED as a landing light.

The flight gear is:

This combination of motor, battery, and prop provides about 20 minutes of flying time.

I tried several motor/prop combinations to see which was the best/lightest. Candidates were the Westport 20T and 25T motors and 8x4, 9x5, 9x6, and 10x6 props. The 10x6 prop with the 25T motor appears to be the best combination. (Randy at Model Airplane Engineering, who sells the Westport motors, was a big help in matching motor and prop.)

DuskStik rear view DuskStik on bench