Wingspan: 35.4 in
Wing area: 259 sq in
AUW: 5.5–6 oz
Wing loading: 3.2–3.3 oz/sq ft

Dream-Flight Alula

Alula in flight

The Alula is a two-channel foam SAL (sidearm launched) flying wing from Dream-Flight. It can be used for slope or thermal soaring, and is small and light enough to take anywhere. Dream-Flight even offers an optional removable wing kit for the ultimate in portability.

Short flight
Flying the Alula

The Alula is very quick and easy to build; this one took about three hours, including an hour spent coloring the airframe with Sharpies.

The flight gear consists of:

The all-up weight of the model is 169g (5.96 oz), including 14g (1/2 oz) of lead ballast.

Like all flying wings, the Alula is very sensitive to CG—moving the CG only a couple of millimeters can completely change its flying characteristics. It is also very easy to overcontrol in pitch; this model has elevator travel turned down to 40%, and still needs 50% exponential to reduce its 'twitchiness'.

Here is a short flight video, and here are some pictures:

Alula in flight Dorsal color scheme Ventral color scheme Flying the Alula Little bitty box Kit contents Switchjack mounting plate Switchjack (power switch/charging jack Receiver, battery, & 1/2 oz lead weight